• 3 Good Tips To Remove Your Eyelashes Strips

    We ALL know how hard it is to apply fake lash on (I always end up with glue everywhere on my eyelid and hands), but I personally think it's time we address how sensitive it is to take eyelashes off, too. The glue sticks to our eyelids and it hurts sometimes to peel them off... not to mention how horrible it is to accidentally pull out your real lashes. Sound familiar? but what some people doesn't know, there is a right way to take of fake lash. 1. APPLY YOUR LASHES THE RIGHT AWAY Strip/False lashes aren't designed to be pressed into...
  • How To Apply False Lashes

    Who would’ve thought that one day we’ll get stuck at home!!? While everyone is staying inside ; everybody is either learning how to cook, improving their makeup skills, working out or just showing out for the GRAM ! I think we all can wait to go outside and be social again. But honestly, this is the perfect time to pick up a new skill like finally mastering how to apply your favorite eyelashes ! Trust us, we know how discouraging it can be if you’re a beginner. I've been there. We've ALL been there. Even some everyday...
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